Arizona Governor Honors Direct Energy

On April 16, Direct Energy was honored by Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Commerce Authority for retaining and creating jobs in the state through our new Phoenix Call Center. Steven Murray, Jessica Mahaffey, Matt George and others represented Direct Energy at the meeting.

3 thoughts on “Arizona Governor Honors Direct Energy

  1. I work in this new call center and I do not recognize any of these people….it would have been nice for those of us working there to have known this was taking place.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your comment. It definitely would be nice for you and others in the call center to know about Arizona happenings! I (Andrea Romo) am going to figure out the best line of communication to the call center about these happenings. I will be in touch via email. Thanks again!

    • Hi Donna,

      I want to follow up and let you know that future AZ-related correspondence will be shared with Nicolette Kyle, Communications and Store Strategy Manager, who will share it with all of you at the Call Center. Thanks again for your comment. And please continue to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the lines of communication at Direct Energy. - Andrea Romo

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