Our Energy Market Intelligence Team: Get to know Randy Burns

Direct Energy Business wants to take a quick moment to introduce the newest Market Intelligence Team member, Randy Burns.

Randy graduated from Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Finance and Economics. After graduation, he launched his career at Griffon Energy Capital, LLC, a hedge fund located in Austin, Texas, where he worked as a trading assistant on the Natural Gas and Power Desks. Randy moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh in January 2009 to work as a consultant for Co-eXprise, a firm focused on procurement solutions. He utilized his wholesale market experience to specialize in the procurement of electricity for large commercial and industrial users.

He joined Direct Energy Business in December 2010 as the Lead Analyst of the Structure Desk. He supported the sales team by structuring large power deals for commercial and industrial customers. In his new position as Senior Market Intel Analyst, he will focus on the PJM region.

Randy resides in Wexford, PA, with his wife, Krista, and their dog, Olive. In his free time, Randy enjoys playing golf, supporting Pittsburgh’s sports teams and sometimes coaches high school lacrosse.

One thought on “Our Energy Market Intelligence Team: Get to know Randy Burns

  1. Is any part of your marketing going to include tying people up in negative option contracting, have terrible customer service and take advantage of people damaged by natural disasters?

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