launches to promote electricity competition

As you may know, the State of Arizona is reviewing whether to open the electric market to consumer choice. A competitive electric market will give Arizona families, businesses and government entities the right to shop for their electricity. This move will advance our electric market and economy, and the time is now.

The following are some benefits of electric competition:

  • Delivers competitive pricing to electric consumers
  • Empowers residential and business customers with choice and reliability
  • Creates jobs and foster innovation
  • Promotes renewable energy use
  • Improves efficiency and customer service at utility companies

The Arizonans for Electric Choice & Competition’s (AECC) mission is to promote a fair and competitive electricity market for the benefit of all Arizona consumers. I encourage you to visit AECC’s new website to learn more about the issues and to show your support for consumer choice. Your support will make a difference.


Arizona electricity deregulation, Direct Energy optimistic about serving customers

After more than 10 years of competitive energy market implementation throughout the country, we at Direct Energy are optimistic about developing a successful competitive energy market in Arizona to serve retail electric customers – particularly residential and small business customers. Recently, our Government & Regulatory Affairs team submitted a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CC&N) to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to serve retail electric customers in the state. The ultimate goal is to allow more consumers in the state to reap the full benefits of a competitive retail market structure, which may include cost savings.

As you may have heard, we previously expanded our Call Center in Tempe and are currently in contact with a vendor to establish another significant Call Center in Tucson. We were lucky to be a part of the AG-1 pilot lottery system and now Direct Energy Business is serving loads for two large retailers throughout Arizona.

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